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We believe that each child develops and grow in their own time and the importance of allowing them that time is critical. Pediatricians and educational experts agree that there are broad ranges in which a child can master developmental tasks. Below you will find a list, separated by ages, of the general age ranges for a child to reach those milestones. We work individually with children to help provide them with activities and environments to achieve these milestones. For the child still working on attaining their milestones, they become our goals for the individual child.


Movement Milestones
Walks alone
Kicks a ball
Walks up and down stairs holding onto support

Fine Motor Milestones
Scribbles spontaneously
Turns over container to pour out contents
Builds a tower with four or more blocks
May begin to use one hand more frequently than the other

Language Milestones
Points to an object or picture when it’s named for him/her
Recognizes names of familiar people, objects, and body parts
Uses two- to four-word sentences
Follows simple instruction

Cognitive Milestones
Finds objects even when hidden under two or three covers
Begins to sort objects and shapes
Begins make-believe play

Social and Emotional Milestones
Increasingly aware of herself/himself as separate from others
Increasingly enthusiastic about the company of other children
Demonstrates increasing independence
Begins to show defiant behavior

*Developmental Milestones: 2 years Olds – HealthyChildren.org


Social and Emotional
Copies adults and friends
Shows affection for friends without prompting
Shows concern for a crying friend
Shows a wide range of emotions

Follows instructions with 2 or 3 steps
Can name most familiar things
Carries on a conversation using 2to 3 sentences.
Names a friend
Engages in imaginary play

Movement/Physical Development
Climbs well
Runs easily
Pedals a tricycle (3-wheeled bike)
Walks up and down stairs, one foot on each step.

*CDC/Milestones: 3 years


Movement Milestones
Stands on one foot for ten seconds or longer
Hops, Somersaults
Swings, Climbs
May be able to skip

Fine Motor Milestones
Copies triangle and other geometric patterns
Draws a person with a body
Prints some letters
Dresses and undresses without assistance
Usually cares for own toilet needs

Language Milestones
Recalls part of a story
Speaks sentences of more than five words
Uses future tense
Tells longer stories
Says name and address

Cognitive Milestones
Can count to ten or more objects
Correctly names at least four colors
Better understands the concept of time
Knows about things used every day in the home (money, food, appliances)

Social and Emotional Milestones
Wants to please and be like friends
More likely to agree with rules
Likes to sing, dance and act
Shows more independence
The ability to distinguish fantasy from reality
Sometime demanding, sometime easily cooperative