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Disaster Readiness


1. All of the state required forms must be on file in the school office prior to the first day of school. Parents are responsible for keeping the school informed of any changes in emergency information, especially the childcare person. If there are any changes in home, work, mobile phones it is the parent’s responsibility to notify the office ASAP.

2. Children will not be released to anyone other than their own parents or other adults authorized in writing in our office. If someone else is to pick up your child, please call the office and let your child’s teacher know.

3. If your child becomes ill during the school day, you or your emergency contact will be called to take the child home. Please be sure to input the school phone number in your cell phones and answer when the school calls.

4. In case of illness or accident requiring immediate attention, we will first attempt to contact a parent. We will then follow the instructions on the emergency form, calling the doctor and/ or paramedics. Our staff is greatly concerned about the physical well being of the children and takes every precaution to provide a safe environment. Staff members are trained on a 2 year basis in CPR and first aid.

5. We provide accident insurance for injuries sustained during attendance at school.

6. In case of disaster, i.e., earthquake, fire, etc., that renders our facility unsafe, we would evacuate and walk to Palisades High School. You could then pick up your child/ children there.

7. As required by the Fire Department, we conduct monthly fire drills for the entire school. All children walk to the basketball court with their teacher and all emergency forms. The school’s Director takes attendance and each child is accounted for.

8. Smoking, firearms and other significant hazards that pose risk to children and adults are strictly prohibited.



Palisades Presbyterian Preschool is prepared to shelter and feed the entire school for a period of 24 hours after a disaster. This includes providing blankets, water, food and minimal first aid.
The school staff will maintain responsibility for the students under the guidance of the Director. This will continue until each student has been released in writing to an adult named on the child’s Emergency Card.
We have in the school office the special Emergency Form you completed which will be used only in the event of a major earthquake or other serious disaster.
Consider carefully those individuals to whom you wish to entrust your children and the possibility and probability of them actually being able to reach the school in case of damage to roads, etc. Members of your carpool, for example, may or may not be the best choice for this kind of emergency situation. You should make a specific plan with the persons listed on the form for reuniting your family.

In the event of an earthquake or serious disaster:
1. Do not call the school. Please leave the phones free for emergency use.

2. Church grounds will be secured during all emergency operations.

3. Students will only be released to an adult whose name appears on the Palisades Presbyterian Disaster Readiness Information Sheet.

4. The adult obtaining release of any student will be required to sign for that student at the time of release.

5. Parents unable to reach the school may be assured that care will be provided for their child by the staff of the school. If for any reason the need for childcare exceeds the limit of the school plan, the child will be taken to the nearest Red Cross evacuation center (Palisades High School) where a school staff person will remain with him/her until he/she has made contact with a family member.

6. Each family should discuss and establish emergency plans for their own home as well as procedures for when the family is not at home and /or not together. A large part of our confidence is that the school and family are working together on this plan for the child’s safety.



The preschool staff uses its best efforts to supervise children, prevent accidents and avoid aggressive conduct between children. Nevertheless, it is reasonably foreseeable that accidents may occur due to the inherent nature of the program and the young age of the children. Falls or minor injuries, as well as other incidents such as scratching and biting may occur during the school year. If the severity of the injury warrants parental notification, information will be given to the parent at pick up time by way of our Incident Report Form; a copy goes home with the child and a copy stays in the child’s folder in the office.
Because the State of California forbids the use of any medication for children in our program, the staff will only wash injuries with soap and water and apply a bandage for cleanliness. Ice Packs may be applied in cases of potential swelling. Parents can take other measures once the child is back in their care.
In case of serious injury (head trauma, deep cuts, severe bleeding, sprained limbs, broken bones or other serious conditions) parents or emergency contacts will be notified immediately. Paramedics may also be called in these cases. Teachers are re-trained regularly in CPR and children’s first aid procedures.