Palisades Presbyterian Preschool

Pali Pres provides children and their families with an environment designed to foster growth and engagement in activities. Those activities allow the children to learn through play. We believe children learn best by experiencing and engaging in activities that provide natural outcomes. Our goal is to teach the whole child by giving them space to grow physically, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually.

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Children are given a curriculum that includes the best practices from a variety of theories, which gives them freedom to discover their own interests. Teachers provide a non-judgmental environment for children to develop at their own pace and engage in experimental play and extended learning.

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Our teachers, are trusted partners with parents, and help the children become confident individuals. The children’s strengths are cultivated and reinforced by having the time and place to practice and expand their circle of knowledge. Their strengths and vulnerabilities are respected and each child is treated as a unique individual. We teach the core values with compassion enabling the children to become independent, free-thinking and proud participants in a world filled with love, caring and respect for others.

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